• Motion and General Graphics Designer.
  • London, UK

I do YouTube, make jokes a lot and make art. Yes.

I’m better known on the internet as “Thafnine,” “Thaf” or since no one knows how to pronounce my name properly, “T9”. I’m a British based motion graphics and game designer amongst other things and my common interests are in art, motion design and graphics design in general, but one sector of graphics design I like in particular is UI and advertisement design. I’ve been interested in the way companies and people present themselves in media for a very long time (even though I didn’t know what Photoshop was at the time) and got into the graphics design business in 2012. At first I started making graphics for the game ‘Minecraft,’ but I’ve since then moved on from the game and worked on other projects, including making a poster based off of Psyonix Studios' Rocket League and being part of a global rebranding project for Rival Esports, a community organisation.


Motion Designer at Rival Esports LLC

May 2017 – Present

Took up the mantle of motion designer for Rival in May 2017 and oversaw the motion identity for the global rebrand of the company with the help of the GD team and the managers at the organisation.


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