I make art, crack YouTube videos and create jokes.  

I'm known on the internet as either Thaf, Thafnine or since no one knows how to pronounce my name properly, T9.

Informative stuff for the brands

I’m a 20 y/o British graphic designer and animator based in London and my common interest lie in motion graphics and advertisement design. I’ve had an interest in the way things like film/television/companies present themselves for a long time even though I had no idea what a Photoshop was at the time, and got into the graphics design business in 2012. I started out with making random 3D renders but it then turned into freelancing on a regular basis, being able to work with various different agencies on projects that have been seen by thousands of people. I also create YouTube video essays and talk an awful lot. I guess that’s pretty much it! 


Commissions and business enquiries can be sent to my email: